Clear Body 32oz


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    We have developed a complete detox for horses. Clear Body is all natural fresh herbs. It works as a tea for horses that will cleanse and fortify the liver, kidney, blood, lungs, and skin. The herbs detoxify the body from toxins that are caused by environmental chemicals, drugs and excessive training.

The body performs 4 distinct activities: Cleansing, Energizing, Rebuilding, and Healing. Clear Body is a supplement that cleanses a horse's body.

Your horse will respond better to pre-event supplements.

This product contains no additives. It is purely organic-based. It is not advised to combine with other similar products.

You can see its working by the darkening of the horse's hair, his attitude will be more exuberant, and he will get stronger for training.

Data sheet

Format Liquid
Size 32 oz (1 liter)
# of serving 30 days
Test Free All States
Bicarbonate NO
Drugs Swap NO
Return Policy 10 days

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