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(Previously name GreenEdge Drench)

Drench-40 is a very safe formula, "without drugs", and "no herbs swapping for drugs". The ingredients is basically nutrients already contain a horse body. The formula is made to increase the quantity for helping and supporting the horse higher function demand during an event. The horse feel better, and also recover quicker.

Drench-40 provide additional support to the event like: energy, stamina, strength, oxygen utilization, ph balance, and delivers desire to compete. The quantity of each nutrient was studied to give maximum performance.

Drench-40 does have additional ingredients that increase endurance to an event. It also contain 120gr (4 oz) "calcium proprionate" (which is equivalent of 1 oz bicarbonate).

Drench-40 does have even more ingredients that increase vasodilator and oxygenator, which increase performance greatly.

Drench-40 allows trainers to play with our safe ingredients, and economizes time and money by purchasing multiple bulk ingredients to make drenches. It’s up to the trainer to tweak the drench with their own buffer, bleeder and stimulant.

Drench-40 can be administered up to 10 hours prior to events.

Sold over 7000 drenches with safely test free to all track in USA.

There is discount -10% for purchase 10 or more.

Data sheet

Size 500 gram
# of serving 1 EVENT
Bicarbonate 1 oz equivalent
Drugs Swap NO
Return Policy If Not Cut Open

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