Equine Solution has developed horse products since 2006. In our early days, we developed personalized products for horses on an individual basis as part of our pursuit for better racing performances and healing our horses' physical problems. We discovered our products had great results on many horses, so we decided to standardize our products. While each horse has a different metabolism rate and problems, our products can help elevate your horse's condition from being generally healthy to a high performance state.

The quality and results of our products can make a difference in the equine industry. Equine Solution is different from other horse products since it combines elements with a new synergetic nutrient to produce greater reactions within a horse's body. The administration methods and dosage timing also differ Equine Solution from other brands. Our products can be used for all classes of horse competition: dressage, hunter jumpers, standardbred racing, thoroughbred racing, rodeo, eventing and endurance.

We worked feverishly to create a high standard of products that would apply all horses in need of performance or treatment of their injuries. Fast forward to the present where we have an excellent selection of supplements and ointments to address your horse's needs. None of our products have ingredients such as salt, sugar, trans-fats, water or any other filler.